What is something that all users know? OK, what’s something they should know.

Yes, it’s their email address.

When we configure email based enrollment, it allows users to enter their email address during enrollment and it will autodiscover their correct environment.

It’s pretty straightforward, but I wanted to make sure it was documented because its actually required for Windows enrollment.

Go into Settings -> System -> Devices & Users -> General -> Enrollment

Under the Authentication tab, you need to click the ADD EMAIL DOMAIN button.

Enter an email address from your domain that you want to use. Note that you’ll need access to this so to confirm you own the domain.

Your status will now say “pending”. Go to your email account and verify the email.

Once you click on the link, refresh the page or status and the status will change to Complete

Aaaaand done. We can now enter an @tbwfdu.com email address to enroll into our environment.