Setting up Android Enterprise device enrollment got a lot easier about a year ago. Previously you needed to create a full blown GSuite deployment, do a heap of DNS stuff and certificates.

Now its as simple as creating a Gmail account, entering it into the Workspace ONE Console and approving some applications.

 That’s not to say that the Gsuite method shouldn’t be used – there are definite scenarios where this is preferred – but for testing and POC purposes (any many others) using the Gmail method is perfectly fine.

If you haven’t already, create a Gmail account specifically for using in Workspace ONE at

What you need to do is go to your Workspace ONE UEM Console and go to Groups & Settings -> All Settings -> Devices & Users -> Android -> Android EMM Registration


You’ll now be redirected an Android for Work Getting Started page.


Enter a Business Name and click Next

Fill out any remaining pages and complete the registration. Once complete, you’ll be redirected back to Workspace ONE UEM.

That’s pretty much it. The default settings under Enrollment Settings should be fine for testing.