I’m back again offering up my wares that I’ve been working on over the last year. This week I have made my Horizon Cloud NextGen Deployment tool (HznCloudAutoDeploy) available on Github.

HznCloudAutoDeploy is a command line application that will fully configure and deploy all the pre-requisites and infrastructure needed to support a Horizon Cloud Next Gen VDI environment on Microsoft Azure. By far the biggest challenges I hear with leveraging Horizon Cloud are all the steps and checks needed to be done manually on Azure to ensure a successful deployment.

This tool will do all of this for you.

Taking it a step further, HznCloudAutoDeploy can also do all of the Active Directory and Capacity Configurations and deploy the Edge and UAG Appliances in the Horizon Cloud Console. The only things you’ll need to then do is create your Windows Image Template and build out your Desktop Pools.

Before running a deployment, HznCloudAutoDeploy will read in your deployment configuration file and validate that the values you’ve supplied will not conflict with your Azure Subscription and give you a report of any warnings or errors. You can then also use the tool to delete any of resources created using the tool making it perfect for Proof of Concept and Pilot Deployments.

Again, all the details of the requirements and much more detail of how it works and what it does is available on Github.

Here’s a link to a video proving it can be done in under 5 minutes!