So, it has finally happened.

A couple of weeks ago I presented again at my 3rd VMware vForum in Sydney on Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS and also on VMware Identity Manager. After my presentations I was stayed around for some Q&A and kept being asked “Where can I learn more about this!? Do you have a blog or something?” to which I gave the same response that I have had for a couple of years, “it’s coming”. And here we are – I decided to just get on with it – I’ve finally made the leap.
Before we get too far, I should give some background on who I am. My name is Pete Lindley, I am a Senior End-User Computing Specialist System Engineer at VMware based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I started at VMware in January 2015 where I was originally an Airwatch SE however over the years have progressed more to now looking after the entire VMware End-User Computing Product Portfolio. Although covering the whole gamut, I am a Subject Matter Expert in macOS, Windows 10 Modern Management, and Pulse IoT but probably more known for my specialisation for VMware Identity Manager and Identity and Access Management in the APJ region.
The whole idea behind this blog is a place where I can share useful information about any new technologies or product updates and releases, but not just from VMware. It is a big world out there and although I am an employee of VMware, I want to talk about any integrations from all vendors where it gives the best outcome for users. 

Anyway, enough for now. I’m off to start adding some more content. Please feel free to make comments and I’ll respond where I can.