Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Add Android Applications to Workspace ONE UEM

Pop quiz: Which came first? Android or iOS?

Don't worry I had to look this up too. Technically it was iOS, because the first device with an OS called Android came a year or so after.

Not relevant to this post, but I had to check this myself before writing this because I needed a good intro.

Android itself has taken many changes over the years. But one of the biggest changes has to be the change from Device Administrator mode to Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work). This fundamentally changed the way a device is managed using an EMM and as a result, changed the way that we can deploy, install and manage applications as well.

Given that Android Device Administrator has been deprecated as of version 10, this guide will only talk about deploying Android Applications using Android Enterprise.

Obviously for this to make sense to your deployment, you'll need to have set up Android Enterprise.